Oktoberfest 2018

This is the official site of the 2018 ISC Oktoberfest. We proudly carry on a long tradition in honour of Bob “Sully” Sullivan. At this place you’ll find any pre- and post-information regarding the tournament, as well as results and important links during the Oktoberfest.

Tournament Information

This is an overview of all pre-registration information. Further information will be provided after the registration process.


Please be aware of the registration guidelines. We like to inform, that it’ll take 2-3 working days to send out confirmation mails, thank you!

  • Registration opens June 30th 2018, 08:00 a.m. (CET)
  • Registrations are only accepted through the official registration form
  • First come first serve (limit of 10 teams)
  • Registration is not valid until you receive a confirmation mail


  • September 14th to 16th
  • Entry fee of EUR 375 per team
  • Prices: 1st EUR 500 | 2nd EUR 300 | 3rd EUR 200
  • Maximum of 10 teams
  • Friedrichspark Stadium with 58x28m (190x92ft) sport court


  • Group stage of 2 with 5 teams each
  • Group stage points 3-2-1
  • First 4 of each group advance to Quarterfinals
  • Deathmatch-mode to finals
  • maximum of 10 Teams
  • 2×15 minutes to play (non stopped except last 2 minutes)
  • Ice Hockey goal size
  • Offside, Icing
  • Equipment rules aligned to official FIRS