(EN) Oktoberfest registration opens saturday

As ISC we proudly present the 2018 Inline Hockey Oktoberfest. The traditional tournament, formerly hosted by our friend Bob „Sully“ Sullivan, is now continued by the club. The tournament offers space for a total of ten teams and will take place from September 14th to 16th.

The Oktoberfest is hold at legendary Friedrichspark Stadium, on a 58x28m (190x92ft) sport court. The stadium is near the center of Mannheim and is surrounded by lots of hotels, bars and restaurants. Be part of the outstanding Oktoberfest-family!

As there are no changes along the general rules, we’d like to inform you about some innovations regarding the registration progress. This year we’ll ask you to complete an online form. (First come first serve) The first 10 teams will receive a registration confirmation mail a few days after, all others will get a notification that they have made it on our waiting list. In case on of the first 10 will cancel their appearance, the spot will be offered to the next on the list first and so on.

Oktoberfest registration opens Saturday, June 30th 2018 at 08.00 pm (CET)

Teams that are successfully confirmed will get further information about the tournament in the weeks after registration closes. We’ll assist you searching for accommodations.

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